Virtual Leadership Development Program exclusively for leaders and their sales team of customer-facing technical reps and field sales engineers with 3-24 month sales cycles

SalesWise Academy is an online sales development program for sales leaders, sales engineers and other customer-facing technical reps. It shows leaders how to be more effective, coach-like leaders, and technical reps how to take their selling skills to the same high level as their technical expertise.

Never has it been so important to develop your skills as a coach-like leader and help your team to build stronger customer relationships, learn strategies and skills that work in today’s business climate, and create a collaborative, inspiring culture that helps your team members achieve far better results together than they ever could on their own.
Nicki Wise
Hi, I’m Nicki Weiss, founder and president of SalesWise Academy.

As a sales leader, you’re going to love this virtual sales and leadership development program for customer-facing engineers who sell to customers in B2B technical fields. Read on to find out why.

Technical selling is different

You know that selling technical products and services is different than other selling.

Reps need to be technical experts but also have the softer skills necessary to sell well, for example: uncovering customer needs, building stronger customer relationships and knowing when and how to close a win-win deal. But technical reps don’t always have all of the sales know-how they need to perform at their best.

SalesWise Academy helps technical sales leaders and teams realize their full business-building potential.

SalesWise Academy gives B2B technical sales leaders and teams the skills and strategies they need to thrive in today’s new business reality. Get more meetings. Build deeper, stronger relationships with customers. Present more effectively with other technical partners. Sell to multiple customer groups with different agendas. And close more deals, more quickly.

SalesWise Academy is also the first and only online sales development program that combines sales and leadership training with building a high-performance team culture based on collaboration, developing strengths, shared values, open communication and accountability.

Delivered through a defined training process with proven results.
The SalesWise Academy program guides you and your team through the lessons, helps the leader facilitate learning, reinforces learning so that it “sticks”, and provides opportunities for practice before being in front of customers, all while bonding you and your reps into a strong, dynamic and productive team.

It’s a dynamic combination that will energize your team, make you a better leader and boost your bottom line.

SalesWise Academy won’t gouge your budget.
SalesWise Academy is a very affordable sales training solution. There are three membership levels to choose from, with monthly fees starting at the cost of a small caffe latte per day. And your results are guaranteed.

The SalesWise Academy Guarantee

We are proud to stand behind the effectiveness of the SalesWise Academy program. If you don’t see a significant improvement in your results and team performance after following the leadership and team programs and our culture-building learning process for a minimum of 6 months, you can cancel your membership without any further obligation or commitment.

Don’t take our word for it

Listen to what our members say.

The high-performance team culture we have cultivated using SalesWise Academy’s collaborative process is contagious for our team and for our customers! And this program has made us much more effective “whale hunters”. We implemented the SA whale hunting process for a national customer and won new business. The whale hunting strategy also helped to secure better suppliers, which allows us to maximize all our accounts and provide exceptional service for our customers.

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Other training programs I have encountered have a more ‘canned’ approach which can feel robotic, scripted, and uncomfortable in interactions with customers. By contrast, SalesWise Academy delivers real-world lesson topics and has helped us to be more authentic and listen more deeply in our conversations with clients, especially when we can’t meet face to face.

Shared Value Solutions

We have experienced significant sales success since enrolling in the SalesWise Academy program and using its process. In addition to the learning we gain from the lessons, the program’s focus on learning how to build a strong team culture has made all the difference to our success.


I highly recommend the SalesWise Academy training program’s approach to cultivating a culture that supports high sales and leadership performance.


Using the SalesWise Academy program, we have been able to unify our sales team, working together for the growth of each member as well as the success of the company.


The SalesWise Academy curriculum has contributed to fostering a culture where our sales managers and their teams work more closely together and each of our teams becomes increasingly skilled, successful and connected to each other.

Scot Forge

The SalesWise Academy has made a big difference in the effectiveness of our technical salespeople and sales engineers with our customers. Because of the process, the team brings more depth and value to their conversations and solutions in support of our customers.

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The SalesWise Academy content has effectively developed an understanding of consultative sales principles among our business intelligence professionals who don’t necessarily see themselves as salespeople. It has also helped Environics cultivate the conditions and team culture necessary for our practice areas to work in a more integrated way.

As a leader, you want your people to be happy, which is just as important as the training itself. My team looked forward to the training because they felt they had ownership of their own development. The Academy helped my team find new opportunities, and with each success they found motivation for more successes.



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