How looking back from the future can build your sales

by | Mar 3, 2017 | Leadership

Woman with hands on eyes forming OK sign

Looking backward from the future might sound like an exercise in circular confusion but it’s actually an excellent sales planning tool. Here’s why.

At the beginning of the year, we typically give some thought to what we want to accomplish in the year ahead. For those of us in sales, this is a very important planning step to achieve our annual goals. With me so far?

The best plan is one that is written down so that it can be referred to throughout the year and adjusted as needed. But writing a plan doesn’t come easily for many folks.

This is where looking backward from the future comes in. A simple and effective way to develop a written plan that will maximize your sales growth and personal development in the year ahead is to write yourself a letter from the future, a Future Letter.

In a Future Letter, you mentally project yourself one year into the future and look “back” over the past year describing what you’ve accomplished, how you achieved your goals, the challenges you encountered along the way and how you dealt with them. And don’t forget to also write about what made you happy and brought meaning to your life!

A Future Letter frees your mind of the immediate pressures and concerns of today so that you can look more objectively at how you can achieve growth and success in the coming year. By looking backwards from the future instead of forward from the present, you can imagine all kinds of situations and options, free of baggage. If one option doesn’t suit you, describe a different one. It’s fun and innovative, and it will give you boundless energy that pulls you towards growth.

Try writing your own Future Letter now. Refer back to it throughout the coming year to remind yourself of what’s important to you and how to get it. Your Future Letter will give you the momentum you need to grow your sales, grow as a human being and navigate potential minefields so you don’t get stuck.