Curing premature explanation

by | Mar 30, 2017 | Professional Development, Selling Tips

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In sales, nothing is more damaging to the start of a new conversation with a prospect or customer than a premature explanation. The good news is that premature explanations are easy to cure.

A premature explanation takes place when you talk about your product or service too early in the conversation, before buyers are interested. It’s a turn-off for the prospect and can be a relationship-killer for customers if it happens too often.

Why are premature explanations so detrimental?

Because when you launch into your pitch too early, you’re probably heading off in the wrong direction as you talk about your product or service. The customer feels unheard. Her eyes start to glaze over and the conversation ends without an order or a commitment to move to the next step.

The best cure for premature explanation is to listen carefully to what your customer tells you and ask enough questions that you understand what they truly need. That means distinguishing between “small n” needs – what they need — and “Big N” needs – why they need it. It’s what gives you real insight into how you can solve their problem. You’ll sell more, and more easily, when you uncover the “Big N” needs.

So the next time you think you understand your customer’s needs and you’re tempted to jump in with your solution, don’t fall victim to premature explanation.

Instead, stop yourself, ask more questions to understand your customer’s “small n” needs and her “Big N” needs, and truly listen. It’s the best way to build strong relationships and increase sales.