Quantum Flirts

by | May 25, 2020 | Leadership, Managing Teams

The other day I was working virtually with a sales team who had been struggling on how to deal with the pressure from their parent company. As we were working together, a flock of geese flew by one of the salespeople’s house – we could all hear the geese, honking their heads off. And the salesperson said, “They are just so annoying.” So I thought, “Oh, there it is.” A quantum flirt.

I turned to the group and asked, “What is so annoying about how you’ve been approaching this issue? What is honking at you, trying to get your attention?” And, it sent them off in a different direction, helping them figure out a better approach.

What are quantum flirts? They’re based on principles of quantum mechanics, which sounds very lofty and hard to understand, but describes the workings of tiny particles and forces that are the fundamental building blocks of our universe. For our purposes, quantum flirts are those tiny moments that show up in our lives, all day long, as we’re doing or thinking about something else. If we pay attention, they can give us an interesting insight into what we’re working on or thinking about. It’s like the universe is flirting with us – tapping us on the shoulder saying, “Here’s a hint, here’s an idea, you just have to pay attention.”

Flirts are everywhere and come in any form. You know, a siren in the background – what’s the emergency here? A turtle poking its head out of the lake – where do I need to slow down? Or this graffiti: Take Your Time, Do It Right. There are no rights or wrongs in how to interpret a quantum flirts.

I invite you to consider bringing the practice of noticing quantum flirts into your life, and into your sales team meetings for two reasons.

  1. They are just so much fun as they provide you with energy and creativity. Looking for quantum flirts is easy to do. As you are working on something, pause and look out the window or look around your room, to see if anything catches your attention, even if just for a tiny second. Then bring the flirt into your team’s conversation or into your thinking.
  2. The other reason is flirts can provide really profound and useful insights.

Consider quantum flirts as the universe being your friend and ally. Have fun. You can do this. Bye for now.