3 Reasons Your Sales Team’s Purpose Matters More Than Ever

by | Jun 15, 2020 | Leadership, Managing Teams

Purpose-driven companies and teams make more money, have more engaged employees and more loyal customers, and are even better at innovation and transformational change.  In this video, I share a story of how having a clear purpose helped my friend keep going in the face of many setbacks…and why having a purpose matters more than ever for your B2B sales team.

Hi, Nicki Weiss here, Founder and President of the SalesWise Academy.  My BFF, a prominent defense criminal lawyer here in Toronto and around the world, called me with great news this morning.

Over the past 15 years, my friend has tried and failed multiple times to become a judge.  Each rejection was devastating for her.  However, she always picked her sorry ass back up, went back into the arena, continued to fight for her clients, and won more cases than she lost.

As of today, she was called to the Bench and we can now call her Your Honour.  I am so unbelievably happy for her.

I’ve always wondered about my friend’s chosen profession.  She defends people who have done unspeakably horrible things.  She also defends people who have done nothing wrong but find themselves in trouble with the law.  And she defends everyone in between.

A woman in our bookclub once asked her how she can do what she does.  She said, without hesitation, “Everyone, no matter if guilty or innocent, deserve to be treated fairly.

When they’re in trouble with the law, they usually have no one and nothing on their side.  Most don’t have a support system, or they have the wrong kind of support system. Or their support system abandons them when they get into trouble.

When they get in trouble, the police aren’t on their side.  The prosecution isn’t on their side.  Often, their mental health isn’t on their side.  The courts aren’t on their side. If they don’t speak English, that’s not on their side.

Society isn’t on their side.  I’m it.  I’m the only one on their side.  I’m the only one ensuring they get treated fairly.”

Wow…what a powerful and clear answer.

One of the first things she said when she told me she is going to be a judge was, “I know I’m fair.  I may have to bone up on various other kinds of law, which I can do.  But I know what is fair.”

My buddy has a clear sense of purpose about how she makes a difference in people’s lives. It is her purpose of fighting for fairness that gives her the strength to keep going, recover from set backs, and sets her up to succeed again and again.

Benjamin Franklin once said, “The secret of success is the constancy of purpose.”

So…consider the power of having a clear. purpose.  What I know is when sales leaders, sales people and sales teams have a culture of genuinely understanding how they can make a difference, for their customers and for each other, they consistently outsell their more quota-driven counterparts.

I’ll leave you with a magic question that sales managers can use to get even mediocre people thinking like top-tier performers.  When coaching, ask, “How will this customer be different as a result of doing business with you personally, and  as a result from doing business with our company?”  Your people will get clearer on  their purpose.  You can do it. Bye for now.