About Us

Our Brain Trust Advisors

Our seasoned team brings together decades of expertise in education, B2B sales leadership and strategy, internationally-recognized Certified Professional Coaching and Master Training.


Founder & CEO

An internationally-recognized sales and leadership strategist, thought leader, speaker, Certified Professional Business Coach and Master Coach, Nicki is on a mission to build the capability of sales leaders and their teams, giving them the tools they need to go from good to great!


Strategic Advisor

A strategic, creative and entrepreneurial leader and Certified Public Accountant, Len is committed to creating value through outstanding organizational effectiveness and management focused on growth, quality and performance.


Strategic Advisor

An accomplished business builder and leader and Certified Public Accountant, Eric is an imaginative marketer and analytical financial guy who challenges the status quo in search of excellence.


Platform & Communication Manager

A multi-disciplinary and hands-on operator, Bree keeps SalesWise Academy members well supported, our delivery engine well oiled, and our brand visible in a digital world.