The SalesWise Academy Learning Process

SalesWise Academy has developed a defined learning process based on what has worked best for our most successful members. This process has proven itself to be extremely effective in turning business-to-business technical sales people into high-performance teams.

There are five components in our learning process that integrate and reinforce each other, ensuring maximum learning and team development.


Bi-weekly micro-learning audio podcast lessons for your team

Every two weeks, your enrolled team members will receive a fresh, inspiring audio podcast lesson that is approximately ten minutes in length, delivered straight to their inboxes. Each one is accompanied by a customizable worksheet to reinforce learning. As your team’s leader, you will receive the same lessons along with a Leader’s Facilitation Guide.


Monthly sales leadership audio podcasts for you, plus a bonus

The SalesWise Academy program also includes monthly Leadership Program podcasts on important topics that will help you to be an even better leader and coach.

And as a special, bonus, you will also be able to participate in our optional, quarterly Sales Leadership Peer Calls, facilitated by Nicki Weiss. These popular 60 minute peer conversations allow you to join in with a group of other sales leaders to share leadership challenges, opportunities, solutions and wisdom in a real-world context.


Weekly or bi-weekly
sales meetings

The SalesWise Academy team member lessons are timed to integrate with your weekly or bi-weekly sales meetings. Studies show that the most successful sales teams hold frequent, regular sales meetings that include a learning component, keeping everyone sharp, motivated and charging forward together.



Many, but not all SalesWise Academy lessons have a role-playing component so that your team has a chance to practise their skills before they’re in front of a customer. Role-playing is also a great bonding experience for your team. Some people don’t like role-playing, but the SalesWise Academy approach makes it fun and safe for even the most hesitant team member to participate.


Ongoing coaching

Coaching is a skill that every leader can improve on, and it’s a very
important part of building a motivating, high-performance culture. Ongoing 1:1 coaching is one of the things today’s workforce wants most, and we help you make it a regular and very effective part of your management approach.

And remember, your results are guaranteed

If you don’t see a significant improvement in your results and team performance after following the leadership and team programs and our culture-building learning process for a minimum of 6 months, you can cancel your membership without any further obligation or commitment.

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