Membership Levels

SalesWise Academy offers three Membership Levels so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs and budget. Monthly fees per member start as low as the cost of a small caffe latte per day.


Bronze Level

The Bronze level is designed primarily for solo sales representatives who simply want the excellent SalesWise Academy bi-weekly micro-learning audio podcasts, covering a range of topics that address the challenges of selling in today’s business climate.


Silver Level

Our Silver Level provides a more comprehensive learning experience for technical sales leaders and their teams, combining the Sales Team Program and Leadership Program with the complete SalesWise Academy learning process. It includes the content of the Bronze level plus:

  • A comprehensive Workbook for sales team members that supports the bi-weekly sales training podcasts.
  • For the sales leader(s):
  • A Leader’s Facilitation Guide to help you integrate each sales training podcast into a weekly or bi-weekly sales meeting.
  • Monthly Leadership Program podcasts on a range of leadership topics to help you become a better coach and leader.
  • A comprehensive Workbook for each monthly Leadership Program podcast.

Gold Level

The Gold Level is for sales leaders and teams who want the very best that SalesWise Academy has to offer. It consists of the complete Sales Team Program and Leadership Program including the SalesWise Academy learning process, but also includes 11.5 hours of personal Zoom sessions with Nicki Weiss over the course of your annual membership to help you cultivate a high-performance team culture:

  • Two exclusive 2.5 hour Zoom sessions with Nicki Weiss for you and your team to help you develop your team’s Noble Purpose, a critical component of cultivating a high-performance team culture.
  • Two exclusive 2.5 hour Zoom  meetings with Nicki Weiss to help you and your team develop your Team Values, another important component of your culture-building strategy.
  • A personal 90-minute Zoom session with Nicki Weis to help you fine-tune your culture-building strategy.

These special sessions will be scheduled after your registration.

Membership Levels Overview

Designed for:
Solo reps
Leaders and teams
Leaders and teams
For sales and technical team members:      
Bi-weekly, Sales Training Program podcasts check icon check icon check icon
A comprehensive Workbook for each podcast   check icon check icon
For sales and technical leaders:      
Leader’s Guides for Sales Training  podcasts   check icon check icon
Monthly Leadership Program podcasts   check icon check icon
A Workbook for each Leadership podcast      
Exclusive personal Zoom sessions with Nicki Weiss:      
Discover your Noble Purpose (2 x 2.5 hrs)     check icon
Uncover your Team Values (2 x 2.5 hrs)     check icon
Develop your culture-building strategy (1 x 1.5 hrs)     check icon
Monthly fees: $ $$ $$$

For rates or more information, email us today at [email protected] or call 416.435.7473.