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What makes the SalesWise Academy sales development training program the best choice for your team?

This powerful program includes many components that you just won’t find in other sales training programs.

Designed specifically for B2B sales leaders and teams in technical fields

SalesWise Academy understands selling technical products and services and the issues that field application engineers and sales engineers face. We know that sometimes technical expertise can get in the way of effective selling. And we know how to help technical leaders and reps overcome these challenges.

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A leadership program and sales development program rolled into one

SalesWise Academy is actually two powerful programs in one:

A leadership program that, in stimulating monthly podcasts, helps you to be a more effective, inspiring coach and manager, develop your team’s potential in today’s challenging business environment and build the kind of high-performance culture that supercharges your team’s skills and results.

A sales training program with bi-weekly podcasts that help your team develop the habits, attitudes, strategies and skills necessary to be successful in good times and bad.

A team-based 360° learning process

As you would expect from a training program that builds team culture, SalesWise Academy uses a special training process based on leaders and team members learning together, with ongoing lessons for each group, learning reinforcement, and facilitation guides for leaders.

Lessons that teach the way adults learn best

SalesWise Academy lesson podcasts are based on the micro-learning concept that focuses on maximum learning in short, bite-sized segments. There is no need to wade through long lessons to get to the most important learning.

Audio podcasts that can be listened to anywhere, anytime

Unlike training videos that require sitting down at a screen, SalesWise Academy lessons are convenient, time-efficient audio podcasts that can be listened to anywhere, anytime – in the car, at the office, at home, at the airport or at the gym.

An emphasis on building a strong, collaborative team culture

SalesWise Academy goes way beyond lessons on critical modern-day selling strategies and skills. It’s the only B2B technical sales training program that also helps you and your team develop the kind of high-performance culture that propels you to the next level of sales excellence.

That’s important because many studies have shown that building a strong team culture has become a strategic necessity in today’s challenging business climate and that it directly impacts results.

  • “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” (Peter Drucker)
  • “Culture has a direct, measurable impact on performance.” (Gallup)
  • “Teams with strengths-based cultures consistently outperform their competitors.” (Gallup)
  • A strong, engaging culture generates a 65% greater share-price increase, and a
  • 30% greater customer satisfaction level
    (Queen’s University Centre for Business Venturing)

The SalesWise Academy program includes culture-building because it adds exponential power to even the best selling strategies and skills.