The proof

Sales leaders talk about the impact SalesWise Academy has had on their businesses

Nichole Fraser

Managing Partner, Shared Value Solutions

We have experienced significant sales success since enrolling in the SalesWise Academy program and using its process. In addition to the learning we gain from the lessons, the program’s focus on learning how to build a strong team culture has made all the difference to our success. I highly recommend becoming a SalesWise Academy member.

John Hammill

VP Wholesale Sales, Moen

We were so impressed with the SalesWise Academy training process and lesson content that we asked Nicki to help us integrate it into our own customized Moen Academy leadership training program. As a result, our salespeople and leaders have expanded their capacity to perform as cohesive, skilled and effective sales teams…in good times and bad. I highly recommend the SalesWise Academy training program’s approach to cultivating a culture that supports high sales and leadership performance.

Martin Carter

President, CheMarCo, Inc.

As a company that has worked with a wide variety of sales training programs, I was initially skeptical about SalesWise Academy and what impact it would have on our sales team.  At the time, our sales team was operating in a more traditional “lone wolf” environment. Our goal was to change the culture to produce a unified, team selling approach. The lessons are designed not only to recognize age-old customer issues, sharpen sales skills and learn to capitalize on each other’s strengths, but to also enhance the sales team’s preparation through lesson discussion and role playing scenarios. Over time using the SalesWise Academy program, we have been able to unify our sales team, working together for the growth of each member as well as the success of the company.

Lisa Trudell

Vice President, National Sales, Genworth Canada Mortgage Insurance

We are a geographically dispersed company, with most of our sales people working remotely. My goal is to continuously cultivate a culture where our sales managers and their teams work more closely together on a regular basis, where all of our regions speak the same language, and each of our teams becomes increasingly skilled, successful, and connected to each other.  The SalesWise Academy curriculum and corresponding dialogue has contributed to fostering that culture.

John Coward

Director, Scot Forge

SalesWise Academy has made a big difference in the effectiveness of our technical salespeople and sales engineers with our customers. The process works well – we learn in a group. We put the SalesWise Academy concepts and skills in the path of our work every day by giving people the opportunity to ask for help and applying the skills and concepts to the customer needs we are addressing. Because of the process, the team brings more depth and value to both their conversations and solutions in support of our customers.

Barry Watson Ph.D.

President and CEO, Environics

We have a variety of specialized practice areas that were operating primarily in silos. The SalesWise Academy helped Environics cultivate the conditions and team culture necessary for our practice areas to work in a more integrated way.

The SalesWise Academy content has effectively developed an understanding of consultative sales principles among our business intelligence professionals who don’t necessarily see themselves as salespeople. The 10-minute self-paced audio lessons coupled with one hour bi-weekly small group discussions have fit our work schedule well and allowed us to continue the commitment for what we see as long-term benefits.

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